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The richness of my interior style comes from  my love of all periods of design. Through the years I've learned to love many different interior styles, depending on the home, location, etc.

When living on the East Coast I had a weekend home in Woodstock NY, which was decorated contemporary but with a nod to the country. The oversized stone fireplace I designed was  just right for the house and upstate NY.
Leather club chairs, cashmere,  and other luxury fabrics added to the country home feeling, yet comfort was most important in this house. Being a pet owner as well, my dogs must be comfortable.

My NY loft had a Mid-Century nod without getting too kitsch. Some classic 1960's pieces, mixed with contemporary made it chic, minimal, and yet comfortable.

Now in Palm Springs, I've added more pops of color to my home,  though people have told me it has the subtle feel of a New York City loft. You can take the boy out of New York but.......

However, the common thread wherever I've lived is the love of art.  My extensive collection for Photography, Vintage oils, pottery, all define my personality and is in fact what has made my homes unique.

In the end, as is the case for all things "style" , your home should be a reflection of you. What you love and cherish, what brings you comfort and contentment. You should always experience the very same feeling when you sit comfortably in your living room as you do when you open your closet doors....the reassurance and sense of belonging  that whispers a gentle reminder to you that ..."ah, yes...this is me...this is who I am".





Featured in Palm Springs Modernism Week 2016